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The Studio Romizi

Who we are:

The Studio Romizi


The Studio Romizi is a professional family firm working since 1946 (online since 1995), specialized in the restoration of historical villas and farmhouses in Umbria and the borders of Tuscany with more than 30 years of experience with customers from abroad.


We will help you find, buy and renovate your desired home in central Italy thanks to our specific expertise and our deep experience. We can recommend the best conditions to buy and renovate a property and where best to look. We know that the hardest part for a client who buys a house in Italy is to get through all the Italian bureaucracy, and to choose a reputable and affordable company that can undertake restoration, so we can do all of this for you.

We also know that foreign customers want to be sure that local planning, construction companies and real estate agents will offer good commercial terms and transparency, and we can help ensure this.

Our family:

Dott. Arch. Iun. Bernardo Romizi
Architect and Real estate agent

Arch. Bernardo Romizi

Avv. Diletta Romizi

Lawyer Diletta Romizi

Dott.Ing. Enrico Romizi
Structural engineer

Eng. Enrico Romizi

Dott. Giovanni Romizi

Dott. Giovanni Romizi

 Dott.Agr. Fernando Romizi

Agronomist & Geometra

Dott. Fernando Romizi

Founder of the Studio Romizi