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Romizi Sale and Restoration of villas in Umbria

The Contractors of the works



Usually the purchaser ask his technician to make an estimation in which are specified the works that have to be done; each firm selected has to fill this estimation writing down the average prices in order to let the purchaser to choose the best option.

Choosing the companies to make the job is the more risky part of the repairs.

Not all the firms have the same ability and the same reliability. For this fact is important to have good references of the selected firms.

The Studio Romizi has worked with many companies and for this reason we can suggest to our clients the ones that have made similar works with good results.

Independently from the firm, to have a good idea about the real costs of the repairs is important that the estimation is made considering all the works that need to be made. Even if a detailed estimation has been made, often happens that proceeding in the works it is necessary to make some not considered works. For instance, it may happen that removing the plaster on a wall, some old badly repaired cracks on the wall appear; in this case a specific repairing work is necessary for the wall stability. For this reason we suggest to define a cost per hour of the workmen that has to be applied for unforeseen works. It is possible to make a different kind of contract with a firm that get in charge all the unforeseen costs. Few firms accept this kind of contract but some, much able and professional, could accept it after a careful inspection of the building.

Once the firm is chosen, the Studio Romizi usually prepare a contract that the firm and the purchaser sign, in which are written: - cost of the works (total cost or detailed cost for each work); - date of the beginning of the works; - duration of the works; - when and how much to pay (usually a deposit before the beginning, then some payments depending on the proceeding of the works; for instance a first payment when the foundation repairs is done, one when the first floor is done, one when the roof is done, etc…); - penalty that the firm has to pay for each day later than the fixed ending date (if it doesn't depend from the weather conditions).

The purchaser, before the works start, in many cases has to charge someone to make a security document for the works, that for the Studio Romizi is usually done by the Engineer, according to the Italian law.

Notes: In Italy usually all the furnishings are apart, including the kitchen.

If the purchaser wants to have an idea about the furnishings costs, please ask us so that we can have an estimation by one of our confidence firms of the sector.