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Romizi Sale and Restoration of villas in Umbria

Permission to repair or restore a property 



Studio Romizi can help you to made the project and everything is needed to get the permission to restore or renovate any building according with the existing rules of the area where it lies.

The many Law on Contruction in Italy could be complex and our professional work is to help to made everything the easier is possible.

To give to you an idea of what will be we can resume two cases:

Case 1 The building to restore needs new doors and windows, floors, heating and electrical installations, other inside works. The project, called "S.C.I.A.", made by a technician (geometra, engineer, architect), has to be deposited at the zone authority ("Comune") before the beginning of the works, and has to include the heating design and sometimes the electrical design and the structural project.

Case 2 Let's imagine a typical case of a building without roof, without some floors, and with foundation problems. It's necessary to make a repair project and give it to the "Comune" for the approval. Depending on the situation that can be done with a S.C.I.A., as that resumend above, or needs that the project has to be approved by a specific commission ("Commissione Edilizia"). Normally it takes at least two months from the delivery date to the "Comune" approval, and about one more month to have the permission documents, after the payment of a tax that depends from the amount and type of the works. It's very difficult to estimate that amount of the payment. To have an idea imagine to pay 5% of the repair cost plus some other costs going by sq.m. or cubic m. of building.


Other permissions needed:

If the building is situated in an area under the Landscape Tutelary Authority, after obtaining the permission it is necessary to wait 60 more days before starting the works. This period of time is because the Tutelary Authority needs to examine the project.

The designer (geometra, engineer or architect) will be paid according to the professional fees that give different percentages depending to the works amount: the higher is the amount the lower is the percentage.

Before the beginning of the works is necessary to deposit the structural project that includes the seismic hazard analysis.

Lastly a heating installations project, and in some case an electrical installations project, are needed and a works hazard plan called "piano di sicurezza".

Studio Romizi can proovide all is needed to get the permission to restore your property in Italy.