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Our services

Design and construction supervision:

  • Architectural project
  • Structural project
  • Electrical and heating projects
  • Assistance in setting up utilities (electricity, gas, phone)
  • Research of qualified contractors and sub-contractors
  • Analyzing and comparing proposal from one or more contractors
  • Supervision of the work. We send pictures to the client showing the progress of the work after each visit to the site
  • Final accountability of the work
  • Obtaining the final approval and sign-off from the Department of Buildings
  • Obtaining the certificate of occupancy if necessary.


Assistance to buy a property:

  • Assistance in finding a property to buy
  • Appraisal of market value of the property that is for sale
  • Checking if property is free of liens
  • Checking if there are any building violations
  • Checking the status of the property in the Department of Buildings
  • Inspection of the condition of the property
  • Assistance with the price and payment negotiation
  • Rough estimate of the cost of restoration and renovation
  • Preparation of preliminary restoration/renovation proposal 
  • Assistance in choosing the Notary, Attorney and Accountant
  • Assistance in case of applying for bank loans
  • Check the best way to make the purchase (whether as an individual or as a company, in which case we provide advice to set up a company in Italy)
  • Legal representation, in case the client does not want to do the legal process by him/herself
  • Legal assistance when necessary