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How much a non-resident owner has to pay for annual taxes?

Taxes in Italy for a foreign citizen




If a foreign citizen buys a property in Italy and doesn't have any income here, he will just pay annual taxes referring to the bought goods.


At the moment is a very low value per year.


If the purchased property has a ratable value up to 183 euro it is not necessary to make an income-tax return, nor to pay a tax on the property; the only tax that has to be paid is the IMU local tax which is a much debated topic in Italy, which will be subject to some changes that will be defined by the present Government


We always suggest to have a professional accountant in Italy to take care of such matter, not expensive, but complex and changing time by time.


The Romizi Studio usually refers to a business consultant that is an expert in tax subjects.


Revised in 2014 by Studio Romizi