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Romizi Sale and Restoration of villas in Umbria



Professional family firm since 1946 specialized in restoration of historical villas and farmhouses with more than 30 years of experience with international clients. With our Geometra, Architect, Real estate agent, Engineer and Lawyer we’ll help you to find, buy and renovate your desired home in Umbria.


                                         OUR PROPERTIES FOR SALE

Villas for sale Umbria




We have decades of experience in the field, coupled with deep knowledge of traditional materials, building types and landscapes. We are strongly rooted in the community and thanks to the constructions companies of our confidence we can provide to foreign customers quotes always transparent and in line with local market prices.  read more


In addition to restructuring we also work in the real estate sales: from ancient ruins to be restore until farmhouses and villas ready to be inhabited. We guarantee our knowledge of issues related to foreign customers who buy or sell a property in Umbria and that we help to resolve as best as possible.  read more


Our Studio may help since the choice of the property that you like until the end of the renovation. We deeply know the Italian bureaucracy and the difficulties for a foreign customer to understand and overcome it, so we are able to provide a solution to all your questions and problems relating to the sale, restructuring and management of properties in Umbria and Tuscany, including ultimately, the legal assistance. Contact us and trust in our experience in the field.  read more



Architecture details in Umbria and Tuscany

Look at our photo collection of antique doors and architectural details in Umbria and Tuscany.

Ample testimony to the architectural evolution of our cities.

With continuous updates!